Bonus Xbox Update Introduces New Game Capture Feature

Backing up game captures made much easier with the newest bonus update.

Microsoft has recently introduced the Bonus Xbox Update across all consoles which aims to simplify users’ experiences when backing up game captures.

The new update introduces a new feature for Xbox game captures. This will automatically delete the images after 90 days and will warn players if they are nearing the date of deletion. Users can check on their captures’ status via the Captures app via mobile. The images that are nearing the 90-day limit will be flagged.

Xbox users will have to ensure any captures they want to keep for more than the 90-day period backed up elsewhere or else they will lose the images forever. Better transfer them to storage devices right away.

This will be a much easier, simplified experience for players for backing up captures on OneDrive that comes with this new update. They can move, manage, and bulk upload where they store their captures on their Xbox console. They can also set up future captures to automatically back up to OneDrive if they want to.