Call of Duty 2022 Confirmed by Activision as Sequel to Modern Warfare 2019

The rumors were true!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Captain Price

Activision has finally confirmed what everyone suspected from the start: Call of Duty 2022 will be the sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

According to Activision in a recent post, Call of Duty 2022 (not final) will be the sequel to COD: Modern Warfare 2019. This confirms the many rumors surrounding the game for a while now. After the previous confirmation that this year’s game will be developed by Infinity Ward, it seems to have sealed the deal that it was going to be the sequel and fortunately, everyone was right.

Activision also revealed several other details as well. According to them, the next Modern Warfare game and Warzone 2 (another game confirmed) will have a new game engine instead of the usual one. Game mechanics, gameplay, and visuals could be different now or improved further with the new game engine, but we will have to wait for Activision to give more details.

Another detail revealed was about the game and the new Warzone. According to them, both will be built together from the ground up. This could mean there will be new resources used and not just borrowing old ones from previous titles.

Activision also revealed Warzone will be a “Massive evolution of battle royale” which could mean more game mechanics added and it will not be the usual style. Lastly, there will be a new Sandbox Mode to try out.

More details about the next Call of Duty game should be released at a later time.