Treyarch Game Designer Director Teases Possible New Call of Duty Game

A new social media post the game designer director from Treyarch might have just revealed a possible new Call of Duty game coming soon.

Call of Duty 2020 Frank Woods

According to new tweet by game designer director David Vonderhaar, they might go down in video game history as heroes or villains who shipped a Call of Duty game and saved everything in a world-wide pandemic. He does not care if it would save the world or just ruin everything with the help of their possible upcoming game.

This could possibly mean that a new Call of Duty game might just be announced soon. Some even say that it could be announced tomorrow with the tone of the Twitter post. Others say it is just a drunk post with the confirmation of his last sentence on the post, “Hold my beer.” Whatever it is, it definitely bodes well for the fans. Several of them are already commenting “In Vahn we trust.”