You Can’t Play Sonic Mania On Steam In Offline Mode

A classic tidbit of a game like the Sonic the Hedgehog  franchise got re-released to be Sonic Mania. However, there’s a big catch to this when you buy it off of Valve’s Steam. You won’t get to play it in offline mode. Weird, isn’t it? A retro game that needs internet connectivity to play.

While it’s not totally weird for others, some players assume that the game has Denuvo DRM. However, this is not the case after someone on Steam raised the issue on the comments section. An official post followed afterwards on the game’s store page: “We’re fixing that now.”

In addition, the post continued:  “Sonic Mania is intended to be played offline and we’re investigating reports on that.”

We all hope that Sega will fix this soon as some players are getting frustrated with the issue of not being able to play the classic hedgehog game.

Source: PCGamer