Capcom Reassures Fans About Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Survival Mechanics

Capcom’s reveal of Resident Evil 2: Remake at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference blew people away. Fans and the whole gaming community have been asking for a remake and Capcom listened.

From what we have seen on the second gameplay video, apparently RE2:RE is running on the latest RE Engine with over-the-shoulder gameplay similar to Resident Evil 4.

“It’s still a survival-horror game,” according to Mike Lunn, the Capcom Brand Manager, in an interview with GamingBolt. “People always think that as soon as it goes over the shoulder, it’s a Gears of War type game. You’re still going to be super conservative on ammo. You’ll need to craft; something we’re adding, too, like crafting like in Resident Evil 7.”

If it successfully retains the horror atmosphere that the original Resident Evil 2 had, especially that it’s running on the same engine with Resident Evil 7, it’s certainly going to please fan of the franchise.

Lunn also added that the RE Engine enhances the experience throughout the game. An example he cited was when a zombie grabs you from the back, the camera also pulls in as well. Crafting will also play a big part in the game.

“So you can add more bullets, build healing items. But what it does is that it enhances immersion. For example, over the shoulder — when you get grabbed by a zombie, the camera pulls in and it makes it feel like it’s actually biting you in the neck. It feels like you’re in there. As opposed to just seeing Leon in the corner of the screen, like, tussling with a zombie. We feel that over the shoulder thing is [great].”

Resident Evil 2: Remake is expected to launch on January 25, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GamingBolt