Castaway Paradise Coming To PS4 Late Next Month

Castaway Paradise island

Stolen Couch Games product manager and game designer Eric Diepeveen revealed that their video game Castaway Paradise is finally coming to the PlayStation 4.

Castaway Paradise to launch on PS4

Diepeveen revealed that their fresh take of Animal Crossing will be coming to Sony’s latest video game console. It will be available on July 31.

The game will be about being a castaway and being washed up on the shores of a quiet island in the middle of the ocean. Players will have survive and thrive in this island in order to have a better lifestyle. Their new island home will be full of quirky characters and a lot of things to do.

The goal of the game

The actual goal of the game is to just do whatever the players want to do. Villagers will give their guidance and jobs to them, but there is nothing forced for them. They can spend their days hunting bugs, farming, fishing, or taking on different jobs. They can also enjoy a relaxing walking along the beach so that they can find some items that have been washed up from the wreckage.

Purchasing items to use

Earnings can be used to purchase a lot of things like useful items, furniture, and clothing. These objects were inspired from events, cultures, and styles from around the world. Players have the freedom to choose and customize what they want.

Island inhabitants celebrate holidays

The inhabitants will celebrate holidays with the players. They will get to know these people as they help with fixing up the island after a big storm. They will have a lot of opportunity to get to know these people as the seasons change.

The game designer promised that the game will have a lot of content for players to enjoy. They have a lot of things that different kinds of people that can try out when they play their game.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog

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