Check Out Angel Stone’s Cinematic Trailer

Angel Stone

Angel Stone, a cross-platform RPG, just got a cinematic trailer. Released by FINCON, a Korean mobile developer, Angel Stone is set to launch in the middle of 2015.

“Following a brutal holy war, mankind’s angelic protectors have been decimated – paving the way for an era of unprecedented pain and terror. In their last desperate act of selflessness, the Angels impart their powers onto divine talismans known as ‘Angel Stones’. Mankind’s only hope for survival rests in The Resistance, human warriors who harness the power of the Angel Stones, and bring the fight back to the Demons that scourge the Earth.”

iOS, Android, and even Facebook users on browsers can join the The Resistance and fight along with their allies against the evil forces and save the world.

Check out the cinematic trailer here. Watch a preview of Angel Stone’s gameplay here.