Clid the Snail launches on PS4, PS5 this year

Clid the Snail, a twin-stick shooter and action-adventure game from developer Weird Beluga Studio recently posted an update on twitter.

According to the tweet, “Clid the Snail is getting closer and closer! To make the wait shorter, here you have a new trailer. Hope you like it!” There’s a short video clip showcasing the various things to look forward to when the game comes out on Playstation consoles.

Via the official site:

  • Help Clid find his place:
    • With the company of a smarty firefly, you’ll have to help Clid overcome all the challenges you will find into along this double stick shooter. Your ingenuity as a player will be the key for solving all the puzzles that make up this dark fable.
  • Various elements to inter with them:
    • Unlock each weapon to advance in Clid’s story…. Combine each of your weapons to create devastating effects among the different enemies that will appear as [you] progress in the story!
  • An enigmatic art:
    • The different scenarios of Clid the Snail add a mystical touch to the game. The contrasts of colors, will allow you to feel each of the game scenarios: from a sandstorm to an entire city on fire… Explore and feel this wonderful world!
  • A humorous touch:
    • Have you ever wondered what’s wrong in a snail’s mind? What if, besides, it was a grumpy snail? Clid is always angry, and little Belu’s words don’t help calm his temper. Have fun with these conversations and feel their love-hate friendship so comic!

Clid, in all of its entirety, is a dark fable about being an outcast. And it is by finding common ground with other outcasts does the player begins to understand Clid and what’s he truly about. For the time being, the thing bringing everyone together in the fight against the slugs plague that’s ravaging their world.

Clid the Snail is expected to launch later this year on PS4 and PS5.