Company of Heroes 3 Release Date for Steam Officially Announced

Also try out Mission Alpha ahead of launch!

Company of Heroes 3 - First Impressions

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have recently announced the Company of Heroes 3 release date for Steam.

company of heroes 3 release date

Company of Heroes 3 Release Date for PC

The next installment of the popular RTS franchise, Company of Heroes 3, now has a release date. It will be available on PC via Steam this coming November 18, 2022. It will be out at the later part of this year so it will be enough time to save up to purchase this awesome game.

The Best in Company of Heroes History

Company of Heroes 3 is the best title to bring fans and newcomers to the series. It has the biggest and deepest single-player experience of the franchise’s history. Play the game and choose between four playable factions at launch and two unique single-player experiences, with the Italian Dynamic Campaign and the North African Operation.

Join the Community Feedback Program

Players who want to try out the game will not have to wait until November. They can go to the official website right now and sign up for Relic’s community feedback program called COH-Development. Once becoming a member, they will be able to gain access to one mission from the newly revealed North African Operation. They can try out the Mission Alpha and take command of the infamous Deutsches Afrikakorps or DAK. Their mission is to attempt to fight back the British from their entrenched positions. Play the Mission Alpha on Steam for free for one week only starting on Wednesday, July 13 to July 20, 2022.

Difference Between Old and New Maps

The North African Operation is quite different that the previously announced Italian Dynamic Campaign. While the latter offers a branching, open-ended experience, the prior offers the classic version of the game: narrative-led single-player experience. In this map, a lot has changed like tank-riding will enable coordinated rapid-strike assault that can overpower enemies. In Mission Alpha, players can summon very powerful units like the Guastatori combat engineers and the L6/40 Light Tank. There are also some new core gameplay innovations to enjoy like the side armor, enemy vehicle recovery, and vehicle-towing, which allows players to reposition artillery like the German Flak 36 and British 17-Pounder.

It is a whole new game to enjoy.

Pre-Order Details

Pre-order the game at the official website and gain some awesome bonus items at launch. Get the Digital Premium Edition to get the Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack containing cosmetics based on the first elite commando units of World War II. This particular edition will give them access to the game’s first expansion, which will be launched on Steam next year.

Mission Alpha Details

Players who have already installed any of the previous two Pre-Alpha builds can see the Mission Alpha right away in their Steam library when available. Any new player can try to sign up to CoH-Development and just follow the instructions to gain access on Mission Alpha so they could give important feedback about the game to the Relic development team.

Company of Heroes 3 release date is November 18, 2022 for PC via Steam.

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