Contender for 2015’s Most Addictive Arcade Game “MADFIST” Now Available at No-Cost in both HD and Retro Versions

Mad Fist

There are cool games, interesting games, challenging games – and then games that grab hold of gamers and launch them head-first on a frenetic journey of joyful, happy and addictive time-wasting madness. And while tens of thousands of apps vie for this glorious honor, a front-runner for 2015’s most addictive game is clearly the new release MADFIST from NowGamez.

Available for both iOS and Android in both a stunning HD and funky 8-bit throwback versions (aptly called “MADFIST Retro”), MADFIST is a unique arcade action game, which was created with one-touch easy controls that NowGamez proudly refers to as “stupid-simple”.

Essentially, gamers must tap their screen at just the right time and smash a MADFIST down on enemy soldiers and other fairly small targets, including zombies, aliens, ghosts, dinosaurs and more. The game ends when the aforementioned MADFIST misses a target and hits the ground.

However, while MADFIST starts out fairly easy, it become progressively more challenging – which is good news, because it means that mastery takes a long, long time and boredom is not an option. The game is basically an enjoy-and-destroy party, and true to its advanced billing, it is indeed utterly addictive – especially since point totals can be easily shared to the Leaderboard, in order impress and intimidate lesser MADFISTers around the world.

Other MADFIST features include:

> Plenty of achievements
> Numerous new worlds
> Outstanding graphics
> Original music and sound effects

MADFIST a funny and addictive arcade action game that is extremely simple to understand, but tough to master,” commented a spokesperson from NowGamez. “Forget Flappy this or that. We designed MADFIST to be the must-have entertaining time killer of 2015, whether a gamer wants to enjoy five minutes or fun or five hours!”

Early reviews on the App Store and Google Play are confirming this vision. Some of the praise includes:

“Games that look easy but turn out to be hard really get me hooked! This is one of the best of its kind!”, “Just love MADFIST! Worth more than 5 stars!”, and “A great game to play if you have just a couple of minutes. Easy to understand, but quite challenging to get a nice highscore. I like all the achievements too, it makes you wanna try even harder. Great job”.

The Simple, fun and ridiculously addictive new game MADFIST is available for iOS from the App Store and for Android from Google Play.

MADFIST Retro (a throwback 8-bit- version) is available for iOS from the App Store  and for Android.

All versions (iOS HD/Retro and Android HD/Retro) are available at no-cost.

Check out the gameplay video here.

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