Epic Games Store Possibly Offering Control as Next Freebie (Update)


A new rumor has been circulating online regarding the next freebie game from Epic Games Store and it is an unexpected title: Control.


With less than an hour before the big reveal of the next mystery free game, a new rumor suggests that the next freebie game on Epic Games Store is Remedy’s Control. The source comes from the website My Dealz, which has been quite reliable lately in terms of predicting the next free titles lately.

The information could possibly be true with them as the source, but it could be wrong too. It could be Tomb Raider… (still bitter we got it wrong last time)

Again, take this rumor with a grain of salt for now. Let us wait for the official reveal later on.

Source: My Dealz

Update: Turns out this rumor was true! And the next free games to look out for next week are Hell is other Demons, and Overcooked 2.

Source: Epic Games Store