Coral Island: Disguise Wanted Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Disguise Wanted quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Disguise Wanted cover

Disguise Wanted is one of the main quests in Coral Island. One of the giants wanted to be able to roam around town while being seen by everyone, so they wanted to put on a disguise using different kinds of items. Read ahead as we go through the events of the Disguise Wanted quest in Coral Island.

How to unlock the Disguise Wanted quest

After completing the Water Mine and releasing Gorm the giant, Gorm will ask for your help in making a disguise, which will start the quest.

How to get the disguise

After heading to the Giant Village, you will get a list of all the items that you need to collect:

  • x1 Flower
  • x3 Wool
  • Round Stylish Glasses
  • Royal Grape Blazer

The flower could be any kind, planted or scavenged. Wool can be shorn from sheep and it can by in any size.

Players can purchase the Round Stylish Glasses for 850 coins and the Royal Grape Blazer for 2,700 coins at the White Flamingo Clothing Store.

After getting all of the stuff needed for the disguise, go to the giant’s village and talk to Gorm so that they can wear the disguise. The giants then decide to go to the town, where they will meet the mayor and introduce themselves as handsome.