Coral Island: Temple Offering Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Temple Offering quest in Coral Island

Coral Island Temple Offering cover

Temple Offering is one of the quests in Coral Island. The Goddess of the Lake has lost most of its powers, so it asks for the player’s help in making some offerings to help regain some of its powers back. Read ahead as we go through the events of the Temple Offering quest in Coral Island.

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How to unlock the Temple Offering quest

Coral Island How to unlock the Temple Offering quest

After completing the Mythical Dream quest, you will be introduced with the Goddess which will immediately start the quest.

Complete a temple offering

With her last remaining power, the goddess activates one of the altars and asks for your help to complete one of the offering sets in it. You have two offering sets that you can complete at this point in the game, which are the Essential Resources and the Spring Sesajen. You will need to complete either one of them to complete the quest.

  • Essential Resources – Only 5 items from the list is needed to complete the offering set
    • x10 Wood – From chopping trees
    • x10 Stone – From breaking rocks
    • x10 Fiber – From cutting grass, weeds, and seaweed
    • x10 Sap – From chopping trees
    • x5 Maple Seeds – From chopping or shaking Maple trees
    • x5 Oak seeds – From chopping or shaking Oak trees
    • x5 Pine cone – From chopping or shaking Pine trees
  • Spring Sesajen
    • Turnip – Harvested from Turnip crop
    • Carrot – Harvested from Carrot crop
    • Daisy – Harvested from Daisy crop
    • Wasabi – Foraged from the outdoors
    • Morel – Foraged from the outdoors
Coral Island Goddess Blessing Temerp Offering Quest

After completing an offering set, you will be rewarded with that set’s reward, plus the Goddess Blessing, which allows you to use the teleport shrines.