Cory Barlog said that the development of God of War is an “Emotional Meat Grinder”

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studios’ reveal of their latest entry in the God of War series takes Kratos to the Nordic times. Showing a new take in gameplay mechanics and also a son, Santa Monica Studios is clearly taking the 4th installment of God of War in another perspective.

Cory Barlog, the Creative Director of the franchise, answered a Twitter user who was asking how he’s doing. Cory stated that the development is going pretty well and that it’s also an emotional meatgrinder.

Developing games can be taxing and that it also put pressure on developers with a well-established franchise. The amount of work, overtime, and coding to make everything optimize and to give players the experience they need can overwork a developer — even a Creative Director.

God of War will exclusively release on PS4. The release date is yet to be announced — hopefully this E3?

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