Crash Team Rumble Beta Launches Next Month

Game details also discussed.

Toys for Bob announced the Crash Team Rumble beta scheduled for next month. Associate Creative Director Lou Studdert also shared some details of what to expect from the upcoming new game.

Crash Team Rumble Beta Schedule

According to Studdert, the upcoming Crash Team Rumble beta will be on April 20-24, 2023. He encourages everyone to experiment with powers and characters that will be available. He says that this is just a taste of what to expect in the upcoming full launch because there is so much more in store.

Crash Team Rumble is a new spin on the Crash franchise, which will pit players into 4v4 competitions. Each team will aim to collect and bank more Wumpa fruit than the other. The game has many unique and varied heroes, equipable powers to change the loadout, and map specific relic stations that can disrupt the enemy team. There are three character roles in this game: Scorer, Blocker, or Booster.

Scorer Characters

Scorers are speedy heroes who can easily traverse the map, collecting Wumpa fruit and relics to assist the team. Teammates must protect Scorers which are crucial for victory.

Blocker Characters

Blockers excel at taking out opponents or defending the team’s Wumpa Bank. They are powerful combat characters who can easily take on multiple foes at once and hold their own.

Booster Characters

Boosters are specialists who have the goal of capturing the various gem pads scattered around each map to boost the team’s score. Take control of a cluster of gem pads to increase the amount of points scored for each Wumpa fruit delivered to the Wumpa Bank.

crash team rumble beta

Crash Team Rumble is now available for pre-order today for PS4 and PS5.

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