Creepy-Cool Characters In ‘Zombie X Snake’ On iOS & Android

Developed by Aurora Tech and published by mobile specialist Triniti Stars, Zombie X Snake is a colorful and fun arcade game, in which you control a growing snake of moving characters ascending from the top of the screen, avoiding and dodging traps as you descend to reach the mysterious underground city. Available today on iOS® & Android™, the free download offers in-app upgrades enhancing the gameplay and fun.


Zombie X Snake challenges you to save your pals by adding them to your growing snake of characters. To add characters to your snake, you must control your string of creepy-cool characters to land on top of different types of graves. Together, you progress through unlimited levels of underground fun using intuitive controls to accomplish achievements to get awesome roles. How many floors can you beat, and how many awards can you get?

Zombie X Snake is a great casual game with beautiful and fun-looking creeps and crawlers. The feature-packed download includes 4 kinds of themed characters, such as Thriller, Human, Doll and Monsters, all with unique look and feel. Download today.

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