Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Becomes Biggest FF Spin-Off Launch

A great start for a spin-off title.

A new report has revealed that Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion has become the biggest Final Fantasy spin-off launch.

According to the Twitter user Game Data Library, the remastered version of the game has gotten the highest retail launch sales for a non-mainline, Final Fantasy spin-off game in Japan. When it launched on December 13, 2022, it had sold 156,530 units.

When the game came out on PSP, it had a big launch too with 470,152 copies sold, only third to other Final Fantasy titles, which were Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Type-0.

To clarify, the chart shown is only from buyers in Japan. It also does not include the digital sales so it could be a different number. Still, it is a big success for the developers of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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