Crystal Dynamics Hit with Wave of Layoffs

After the studio said they won't get hit by layoffs, it seems they get hit anyways.

Embracer Group continues to lay off more employees and this time it hits Crystal Dynamics.

Even after Crystal Dynamics announced months ago that the ongoing layoffs at the parent company Embracer Group would not affect them, it has now been confirmed that it has been hit with a wave of layoffs.

Several Crystal Dynamics employees confirmed the layoffs on social media today. It seems the marketing and branding staff have been affected the most, but the exact scope is still uncertain. Senior Manager Nick Edwards posted, “Sadly the Embracer layoffs keep coming and I and a number of talented brand/marketing folks at Crystal are impacted.”

Senior Community and Social Manager Neha Nair stated, “There isn’t an easy way to say this so I’ll just rip the bandaid off because while I’m still processing, life unfortunately does not pause… After 3.5 years at [Crystal Dynamics], I was laid off today.”

Other staff posted on other platforms like LinkedIn including Communications Director Adam Kahn revealing he has been let go. No official statement yet from Crystal Dynamics.