Cyberpunk 2077 Free DLC Included in Patch 1.5

Freebies all over!

With the release of Patch 1.5 on all platforms, CD Projekt RED adds new Cyberpunk 2077 free DLC for everyone to enjoy.

CDPR thanks everyone for the players who have purchase the game and is still playing/planning to play it. As a token of appreciation for their fans and those who still support them despite the setbacks, they are now giving away a lot of new DLC packs for free. They are all included in the latest updates. These packs offer new clothes, cars, weapons, features, and more.

Cyberpunk 2077 Free Additional Content Adds V’s New Apartments

Players are in for a treat as the new patch will add new apartments for V to shack in. There now four apartments to choose from with this update, which are located in the following:

  • Northside, Watson (€$5,000)
  • Japantown, Westbrook (€$15,000)
  • The Glen, Heywood (€$40,000)
  • Corpo Plaza, City Center (€$55,000)

In order to gain access to these apartments, players can either go to the location to meet the guys running the place or visit the website EZEstates, which can be accessed via a panel. And that is not all as they can customize their apartments with colors, designs, and more. This feature will be available after starting Act 2.

Budget Arms Guillotine

There is a new weapon in town and it is the Budget Arms Guillotine SMG. It offers low stats but at least it offers the offense players need in a fight. It can be bought at Wilson’s Bangin’ Store or just find it on the streets.

V’s Appearance Can Be Changed Mid-Game

Players can now change V’s appearance mid-game just like what they did before they jump into the game at the start. They can now change their hairstyle, dye it with different colors, change eye color, edit facial features, and more. Check out the mirrors in V’s apartment or safehouses to do this.

Photo Mode for Johnny Silverhand

While playing as Johnny Silverhand at some point in the game, players can now open the Photo Mode feature and take pictures of him. He also has new poses for players to try out while taking those shots like the rocker pose, playing with a guitar, and more.

New Muzzle Brakes

These are new muzzle brakes that can help reduce weapon recoil in a gunfight. Players can find them on the streets or just buy them at Wilson’s Bangin’ Sale.

Darra Polytechnic Umbra

The Darra Polytechnic’s Umbra is another cheap gun to purchase at Wilson’s Bangin’ Sale and can also be found on the streets if players get lucky. It has a drawback though as it is made of low-grade alloy making it cheap but also can easily break down. It is good for a quick fight though and in need of a gun with low finances.

Weapon Scopes

There are guns with weapon scopes built into them, but they are quite expensive to purchase and enemies with high levels have them. For players who want to get the cheapest ones though, there are stocks of them now at Wilson’s Bangin’ Sale and some of them are just littered on the streets.

Alternative Appearance for Johnny Silverhand

Players can now try out a new look for Johnny Silverhand in the game. He wears a different set of clothes in the game. Toggle this option in the game settings for this look.

New Jackets for V to Wear

There are new jackets for V to wear in the game. These are the multilayered syn-leather deltajock jacket and the luminescent punk jacket. They are all found in the stash in V’s apartment.

Archer Quartz Bandit

This is the limited-edition Quartz Bandit can be acquired via helping Panam in Rocky Ridge. Just wait a few days for the fixer to give details on how to acquire this later on. This can be done after finishing the Ghost Town job.

These are all the free DLCs that can be acquired with the latest 1.5 update. Enjoy them all.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.