Daily Espada Revamped

In Daily Espada from Pidroh, players assume the role of a family man drawn into Brazil’s most bizarre game show, as he fights hordes of monsters from Brazilian mythology. Maneuvering through fireballs and dodging enemy attacks in Daily Espada’s fast-paced combat is simple when compared to the protagonist’s struggle with his dysfunctional family.

Daily Espada originally launched on DRM free platforms early in 2014 with positive user reviews. The game is being completely renovated for release on Steam after a successful Greenlight campaign. Additions to the Steam version include a full voice acting cast, upgraded combat mechanics, post-game content and a whole lot of polish.

daily espada

“New voices add more flavor and depth to the mythological aspects of the game.  Adding voice acting to the game is like a dream come true for me.” – Pedro Gabriel, sole developer of Pidroh.

Daily Espada’s updated version is planned to release this spring on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Visit www.dailyespada.com/ for more info on the game.