Dead by Daylight Review – Fun Is Not An Escape

There’s no doubt that playing any kind of multiplayer game is always the best form of leisure time. Personally, I think single-player games are for when you need a serious game time for yourself. But sometimes you just gotta go out there and play with your friends and satisfy this need for the thrill and excitement which you get from playing with a group. Rocket League and NBA Jam are some of the multiplayer franchises that I find really fun to play and now we get to welcome Dead by Daylight Special Edition to our PS4 and Xbox consoles. The game is a 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game, so this means I get to share some amazing gaming moments with other 4 online players.

Before the game starts, we get to watch a short backstory. A demonic being known as The Entity draws all the survivors into this different dimension in order to feast on their fear energy. Four players get to play the roles of hopeless survivors trapped in a huge pen against one other player who gets to play as the savage killer tracking all of them.Platform Reviewed: PS4
Platforms Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios
Release Date: June 20, 2017
Price: $29.99
This review is based on a review copy provided by Starbreeze Studios.

There’s only one way for the survivors to escape the hellish area, that’s by repairing the generators scattered around the place. Once they successfully get the machines up and running, the two exit doors open, which by then they have to repair in order to escape. The role of the killer here is basically to stop the survivors from escaping while tracking them down around the area by using an assemblage of sensual skills which gives alert signs to the killer’s screen whenever a nearby survivor runs, disturbs the crows, or stumbles onto objects. Before playing the game, you actually get to select which type of killer you want to play as. They all have secondary abilities such as the Trapper which can plant traps around the area to cripple the survivors if they get near it; The Hag can scatter around some sort of viscous beings around the area that scares the survivors and lets the killer teleport in.

As soon as the killer wounds a survivor, the killer can pick the survivor up and hang them on meat hooks scattered around the pen which drains the survivor to nothing. By then, the entity descends and impales the human as sacrifice. If you are playing as a survivor and you are already hanged on a meat hook it doesn’t already mean that it’s a game over for you, other survivors can sneak up and rescue you and some of them are even capable of healing each other. This is really helpful because the more survivors fixing the generator, the faster it gets done.

Basically the entire dynamic of the game is a cat-and-mouse chase around the pen. Unfortunately, the survivors can’t attack the killers but rather just evade them by jumping and rolling over some obstacles which killers can’t do. They can also use toggle with objects in the environment which can delay the killers for an amount of time.

Although I experienced a lot of graphic glitches while playing the game it doesn’t really affect on how fun the game works. The feeling of having cynical power over other players is what brings all the fun in playing as a killer while it’s the cooperation and team synchronization in playing as a survivor. There maybe a few more bugs and crashes in the game but just playing a gruesome game like this covers it all up. hopefully there will be more patches and updates, which can bring the console version be as good as the PC originator.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game you’d love. The game concept is just amazing despite the small issues, but I am really excited to see how they will improve this game. It’s a game you’d want to play over and over again for a few hours.

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