Dead Island 2 Story Expansions Release Windows Officially Revealed

Also, new skin DLCs are now available!

Dambuster Studio has recently revealed the Dead Island 2 Story Expansions and its release windows.

Dead Island 2 Story Expansions Detailed

According to a new announcement, it has been confirmed that there will be two expansions for Dead Island 2. The first expansion is called Haus which will be released in Q4, 2023. The second expansion is SOLA Festival will launch in Q2, 2024.

  • First expansion:  How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? A techno-death cult with a healthy splash of debauchery and gore! The first story expansion, Haus, will release in Q4, 2023.    
  • Second expansion:  Welcome to the SOLA festival, where LA’s party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet, one rave at a time. So L.A! SOLA Festival, will launch in Q2, 2024.    

For the expansion pass, the only players who can gain access to this right now are the ones who purchased the HELL-A Edition for the physical and the Gold Edition for the digital version. There is still no separate purchase for the expansion pass, but it should be available before or on the day the first expansion comes out.

New DLCs Now Available

Aside from the reveal of the story expansions, the studio also revealed the new DLCs that are available today. These are the Premium Character Packs and the ‘Til Dawn’ Collection.

dead island 2 story expansions

The Premium Character Packs include the following:

  • Silver Star Jacob
  • Cyber Slayer Amy
  • Gaelic Queen Dani
  • Jungle Fantasy Ryan
  • Steel Horse Carla
  • Venice Vogue Bruno

All players who bought the Gold, Deluxe, or HELL-A Edition can now access the Silver Star Jacob and Cyber Slayer Amy character packs for free. Expansion Pass owners can claim the Gaelic Queen Dani character pack for free.

All six Premium Character Packs are out now in the in-game stores.

The ‘Til Dawn’ Skins pack is now available with a free update. The pack can be acquired by reaching the Cosplay Unlock Point, which happens during the Call the Cavalry mission after the slayer talks to Emma Jaunt. After that, just head back downstairs, open the Storage Locker, and access the free kin in the Cosplay tab.

Dead Island 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.