Deathloop PS5 File Size Reduced with New Update

This just made the game easy to install with its smaller size.


A new report revealed that PlayStation 5 file size of video game Deathloop has shrunk thanks to a certain compression technology that the next-gen console has.

It was revealed by Twitter user PlayStation Game Size that Deathloop now has 17.322 GB file size due to a new update. The original version of the game had a file size of about 25.901 GB, which meant that the new version decreased 8.6 GB with the update. This is quite the feat since it is quite a large chunk of data that was lessened.

This is the work of the PS5 amazing Kraken compression technology. It has impressed a lot of technological buffs out there because it has compressed several PS5 games to unbelievably low sizes.

Deathloop launches on September 14, 2021 for PC and PS5. A trailer was recently released featuring pre-order bonuses and the Deluxe Edition.