Demeo is a Tabletop Dungeon Crawler for PS5 and PS VR2

Play on either console or VR!

Resolution Games has recently announced a new tabletop dungeon crawler Demeo.

This is the new tabletop dungeon crawler made by Resolution Games that will be coming to PS5 and PS VR2 this coming 2023. It will come with features that will make this the best ways to experience the game.

Players will be enjoying features like Haptics in the PS VR2 Sense controllers, headset, and the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller. It will make the experience more immersive.

The game has now improved its visuals thanks to the PS5 and PS VR2 hardware. On the PS VR2 headset, it will have 120hz refresh rate.

Demeo on PS VR2 will allow players to select menus with just a blink of an eye. It will let players go into their next game instantly.

The game will be available on both PS5 and PS VR2 and will not need to buy it again if they want to enjoy it on either version. Buy it on PS5 and it will be available for PS VR2 and vice versa.


Demeo launches on PS5 and PS VR2 this coming 2023.

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