Destiny 2 Crota’s End Raid Announced

Relive this classic raid from the original game, now on Destiny 2!

Bungie has recently announced Destiny 2 Crota’s End raid from the original game.

You heard that right: today at 10 AM PT, Bungie will re-release the classic Crota’s End raid from the original Destiny on Destiny 2 with some updates and will be open to all players. Fireteams will once again face Crota, son of the Taken King, who now waits to be challenged in the Hellmouth on Earth’s moon.

Together with the raid launch, Bungie teams up with Twitch Rivals for the Crota’s End World First Race. Twitch Drops will be enabled which grants viewers of the raid race a unique emblem if they watch Twitch Rivals or partnered streamers for at least two hours.

Fireteams joining the World First race will have to keep these in mind:

  • Contest Mode will be enabled for 48 hours
  • Guardians will need to be at least Power Level 1790 for all encounters
  • Clearing the raid with Contest Mode active is how a fireteam unlocks Challenge Mode in the Director and the Superior Swordplay Triumph, which is a curated list of challenges that can only be completed in Challenge Mode
  • Completing the Superior Swordplay Triumph will be how a fireteam can claim the World First title
    • All six members of the winning fireteam will receive World First title belts
  • To enforce the Triumph requirements in Challenge Mode, each fireteam will wipe if they fail the success conditions during any encounter

Players who will complete the Contest Mode of Crota’s End and acquire the “Bottomless Pit” quest from the raid vendor within the first 48 hours will automatically complete the quest and receive all related rewards. This includes instant acquisition of the Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle. This quest will be available for everyone who finishes the Crota’s End raid after the 48-hour period, where players can complete additional steps to earn Necrochasm.

Guardians who earn the Swordbearer title or finish the raid before the deadlines can unlock collectible raid-themed items for purchase via Bungie Rewards.

  • Raid ring – September 12
  • Raid pin – November 28
  • Raid poster – November 28
  • Swordbearer title pin – November 28

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.