Destiny 2 Game Director Addresses State of Game Communication Failure

More changes are coming.

Destiny 2 Game Director has recently taken to Twitter to say State of the Game Communication “wasn’t up to our standards.”

Game Director Joe Blackburn posted a 16-minute video on his Twitter account to address a number of issues that have come up from the State of Game blog article that got posted on the official website last August 3, 2023.

“A few weeks ago we put up a State of the Game communication that wasn’t up to our standards for what you all have come to expect from those kinds of communications,” Blackburn said.

“It didn’t provide the high-level vision that we normally provide, and really and truly, a bunch of us were heads down and working on The Final Shape [expansion DLC] and weren’t able to give it the sort of care and love that we normally put into these kind of communications. And that’s nobody’s fault but mine here on this.”

Blackburn also stated that the company’s current strategy of delivering one new PvP map and a few reprises a year is not working at all. Next year though, Bungie will be releasing a free pack of maps to compensate.

“I think it’s fair to say this approach is not producing the Crucible that our players expect [from] us,” he explained. “It’s clear that the slow trickle of PvP maps isn’t having the effect we want, and although it gets an injection of PvP maps every so often in the ecosystem, it’s also forcing this one new map a year, which means we’re trying to build a map that does everything, which means it can’t be good at anything.

“So next year we’re going to change our philosphy. Instead of a slow trickle of maps throughout the year, we’re going to focus our effort into a single map pack that’s free for everyone.

“So imagine new maps coming in one drop, where we can make a bunch of new experiences that can all be good at specific things, and adds a big variety in a single drop next year. Now, this is a shift from our strategy, so it’s going to take us time to understand the details of what we’re putting out here and get that out to you all next year.”

In Season 22, all players will be given a free Eververse armor. The studio will also be bringing more test modes to its core playlists.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.