Destiny 3 Already In Development? – Rumor

Bungie released a blog update regarding about Destiny 2‘s future and the improvements it will get. But, here’s the thing, is the studio preparing itself, or better yet, developing Destiny 3 already?

According to a report made by our games media friends at GamingBolt, Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton overheard their News Editor Jason Schreier that Destiny 3 is currently in development. This is probably already the “roadmap” by their publisher, Activision. We have seen the Call of Duty studios make another installment in every 2 to 3 years. This might be a big possibility for Destiny as well since the first entry came out in 2014. Destiny 2 in 2017, so Destiny 3 in 2020?

We’re still skeptical if this is true or not, and what we can all do is wait for a major announcement or a reliable leak from trustworthy sources. But if this is indeed true, we wish that Bungie can take its time to address issues that Destiny 2 has.

Source: GamingBolt