Diablo IV 1000 Hardcore Players Officially Confirmed; Lilith Statue Appears at Blizzard

All will be accepted into the embrace of the Blessed Mother.

Blizzard has recently announced that the Diablo IV 1000 hardcore players have been confirmed.

The game company issued a challenge to the players of Diablo IV before launch that the first 1,000 players who will reach level 100 on hardcore mode will get their names written on the large Lilith statue that was going to be revealed at a later time. It seems that time is now and with impeccable timing, the first 1000 players who reached level 100 on hardcore mode were also confirmed.

Diablo IV First 1000 Players Confirmed But Not Named Yet

According to the official Twitter post on the Diablo account, the number was the only one that got confirmed. The names that are on the list will be revealed at a later time since it is a large number of players. At long last, their names will be chiseled on the large Lilith statue that has arrived at the Blizzard campus in Irvine, California. Global Community Development Director for Diablo Adam Fletcher was the one to announce the Blessed Mother’s arrival at the headquarters.

Less Than a Month to Achieve

In just less than a month, already 1,000 players have reached level 100 and at hardcore mode at that, which is a big achievement. This also means that while this mode is quite a challenge, it is truly achievable, but with utmost care. Sometimes, players will get their characters killed which is just pure bad luck unfortunately just like what happened to the first player who achieved level 100 on hardcore mode.

The Lilith statue will also have a special message on it aside from the players who have achieved this big milestone.

Diablo IV is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.