Diablo IV Collector’s Box Early Delivery Showcased by Content Creator

One lucky content creator gets his collector's box early.

A Diablo IV Collector’s Box that got delivered early to a content creator had its contents showcased recently.

Diablo content creator and partner Wudijo recently shared a new video that previewed the contents of the new Diablo IV Collector’s Box. He captured his first impressions of the contents of the box while unboxing it together with his young nephew. The box also has a mark that clearly says “do not ship before 1 June 2023”, which meant it got delivered too early.

To be clear, this is a Collector’s Box, not a Collector’s Edition. It does not include the game and only includes physical goodies related to the game. It is now on sale for only $100.

Wudijo’s video gives the viewers a peek at the contents as he is careful not to reveal spoilers to the fans. It includes the Diablo IV art book, the electric Candle of Creation, a cloth map of the Sanctuary, an occult mouse pad, and a pin of Horadrim with two matted fine art prints.

Diablo IV launches on June 2, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.