Diablo IV To Have Massive, Connected Open World, PvP New Approach

Diablo IV Lilith

Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham recently talked about the new features of upcoming video game sequel Diablo IV.

Diablo IV new features now in development

Adham revealed that the developers are currently prototyping interesting new approaches to player-versus-player in the upcoming game. It will also feature a seamless shared world that now other titles of the series had.

The co-founder teased that Blizzard is in the process of finalizing PvP features, and that players will understand the implications of this big, social, connected open world. The tech that they are using to run the massive open seamless world is something bigger than anything they have done before in the Diablo series.

Adham did assure the fans that the fourth title will be faithful to the franchise. He stated:

One of the challenges we had in making this game was staying true to Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo III while pushing what all of those games stood for to the next level. But I think we managed it – look at what we’ve done with the class refreshes. We took the Druid from Diablo II but brought it back even better. Now he’s flanked by wolves, and shapeshifts into the werebear, the werewolf. And because it’s Diablo, we dial it all the way up to 11, too – we have shapeshifting, but we also have crazy nature spells to complement that.

The game is still in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. No release date announced.

Source: Wccftech