Diablo IV Players Will Find Ways to Break the Game Claims Blizzard

"We know ARPG players make crazy builds."

Blizzard knows that Diablo IV players will find ways to break the game when they get their hands on a copy.

Diablo IV Players Will Break the Game and Blizzard is Okay With It

Diablo IV is available in some countries today via early access and everybody is excited to play their characters and go through the story. Each class has its own skill trees to unlock, which is vast in this iteration. Some might go for a straight line to unlock better skills along the way, but there are others that have crazy ideas. Interestingly enough, these crazy patterns work and sometimes break the game. Blizzard knows players will always try to find ways to break the game.

Blizzard Knows ARPG Players Are Crazy

Lead Class Designer Adam Z. Jackson recently spoke with PCGamesN to share their experience with ARPG players and their crazy builds. He believes that Diablo IV is in a good state, “but I am also 100% sure that players are going to find weird combinations of things that we didn’t see that are just crazy strong and are going to break the game. That’s what ARPG players tend to do.”

“You’ve got to remember, in Diablo 4 we have hundreds and hundreds of passive effects, powers, skills, upgrades, legendary powers, and all of these things that, when you change one, it can create some other cascading effect on some node far away from it.”

“The balance is never going to be a completely perfect thing that we wrap up in a bow and that’s the game.”

Dev Team is Quite Happy with Final Result

Jackson told PCGamesN that the team is quite happy with the state of the game. He also said to them that he is always happy and unhappy with the game’s balance state and that that will be how he feels about it forever.

“As far as why we are happy: the team and I are very happy with our goals for balance, and with the direction that we have consistently moved towards,” he tells PCGamesN. “We have a set of principles on our team – we’re a very principle-driven team – and I think we know what makes for a good game; we’ve been balancing games for a very long time, and we’re confident we know what makes a good experience in Diablo 4.”

Prepare for hell everyone, Diablo IV is about to begin. It is now available for early-access players but will officially launch on June 6, 2023.