Diablo IV PvP Perks and Unique Features Explained by Blizzard

The fun is in the hunt.

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Blizzard recently revealed new details about Diablo IV PvP: its features and perks.

PvP has been one of the popular features of any MMORPG, ARPG, or any online game where players could prove themselves to others that their builds and skills are better than theirs. It is also a mode where they could solve issues with others they have disagreements with. Some just want to play PvP for fun, and the Diablo franchise has been offering this particular mode for many entries now. Diablo IV has one too, but it has different perks that its predecessors do not.

Diablo IV PvP Area: Great Risk but Bountiful Reward

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Lead UI Designer Dorottya Kollo shared details about PvP mode. She revealed that the team actually wanted to create these obvious areas on the map to make sure that players know it is a dangerous area to enter. When they enter these areas, they can be hostile, but it is up to them if they wanted to. They can just enter it, kill the monsters needed, defeat a specific boss to claim the unclean shards and enter a ritual area to convert these shards into actual currencies.

Cleanse Shards to Use for Purchase

After “cleansing” the shards, players can now go back to town and use these currencies to buy unique items from PvP vendors that nobody else can have. After cleansing the shards, they cannot be dropped anymore.

Hostile Players to Steal Your Shards

Now here is the part where players will be forced to become hostile. While spending time in the ritual area, other players might arrive to kill the unsuspecting victim and steal the shards for themselves. These victims then turn hostile to avenge themselves and reclaim the items that got stolen. It is a vicious cycle, but that is the fun part of it.

Hold Title for Special Reward

Also, if a player has killed ten times without dying, they will get the Vessel of Hatred title. If they can hold it for a specific amount of minutes, they will get a special reward afterward. The problem is by having that title, they will be known to other hostile players who might want to hunt them down. It will either survive to claim the special reward or try not to get the title to avoid getting killed.

Diablo IV launches on June 6, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.