Diablo IV Season of Blood Officially Revealed

Vampires and blood.

Blizzard has recently announced the Diablo IV Season of Blood at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Diablo IV Season of Blood Release Date

The second Season, Diablo IV Season of Blood will start on October 17, 2023. It will introduce a new Questline for players to uncover, Vampiric Powers to wield against their originators, 5 additional endgame bosses with the ability to target specific Unique and Uber Unique items as a drop, and more.

About Season of Blood

At the behest of their master, a newly turned army of ravenous vampires has set their sights on Sanctuary. The master’s plot still remains a mystery but their pursuit for the blood of innocents has caused an uproar. They must learn to hunt the hunter.


There will be some quality-of-life updates that the community requested for a long while with Season of Blood:

  • More efficient Inventory management for Gems.
  • Paragon Points, Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Obol capacity upgrades will now carry over into a new Season once achieved with an Eternal or previous Seasonal Realm character.
  • Changes to the functionality of status effects such as Vulnerable, Overpower, Critical Strike Damage and also Elemental Resistances.

The ones above will be available in both Seasonal and Eternal Realms.

Diablo IV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.