Diablo IV New Update Shares Sorceress Enchantment Mechanic

Diablo 4 Lilith

Game company Blizzard Entertainment recently shared some updates on the upcoming video game Diablo IV.

The latest update from the developer team revealed the character Sorceress and her mechanics like skills, leveling, and end-game. The main focus is her Enchantment system. According to the team, their goal is to give each class its own unique mechanic. The Barbarian can swap between several weapons and increase their power with the Arsenal system. The Sorceress on the other hand has her ability to enchant skills.

The Sorceress skills can be placed into two locations, which are the active skill slot and the Enchantment slot. Adding a skill on the latter will not allow players to use that active skill anymore, but they can instead gain a secondary bonus power. Players can make builds based round their Enchantments if they want. They can mix it or have active skills instead. Either way, it is up to their play style.

One example was the Meteor skill. On active it allows players to summon meteors at will, but on the Enchantment slot, they can get random meteors coming from the sky attacking their enemies.

The team is currently testing the class mechanic for a while now and the feedback has been positive. They are now exploring the Druid-specific class mechanic and more information will be revealed later.

Diablo IV has no release date for now, but it will available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.