Dino Crisis Possibly Getting Added as PS One Classic Title Soon

Is Regina coming back with the hordes of Dinos?

dino crisis

Some subscribers of PS Plus Asia have recently found out that one of the popular classic titles, Dino Crisis, has its artwork part of the PSN Store.

Dino Crisis: A Popular Title Discontinued

Dino Crisis is probably one of the most popular games that CAPCOM has produced in the PS1 era. It captured the hearts of many Resident Evil fans who thought this would be the next iteration of the franchise, but it was a thing of its own. Many had hoped that it would be revived in one way or another, or even at least have a spiritual successor, but CAPCOM did not make anything remotely related to it. All hope seems to be lost, but now there is a glimmer.

Dino Crisis Making a Comeback as PS1 Classic?

PS Plus subscribers who have already upgraded their accounts to PS Plus Premium recently discovered a change on their game library. When they checked it recently, there were two new sections that got added, which were Game Trials and Classics Catalogue. The prior had Aloy as the artwork, but the latter was someone that everyone did not expect. It was the protagonist of Dino Crisis, Regina, with her short red hair and familiar outfit from the game.

Dino Crisis Scene

Now, what does this all mean? While this might not be an official confirmation, but it is clear that the popular game could be coming back as part of the Classics Catalogue soon. So far, only a few games have been added to the lineup and it has been a bit disappointing, but with this development, it seems more and more PS1 Classic will get added to the library soon.

PS1 Classic Games Run Wonderfully on Modern Consoles

Recently, many PS Plus Premium subscribers reported that the PS1 games that are available for download are PAL 50hz only, which many say is the inferior version of the game. So far, our Sirusgaming members who already upgraded their PS Plus subscription stated that it just works wonderfully, just like the old times. They do not even see the difference.