Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Content Roadmap Gets Updated

Big changes, new events, new villages are coming!

Gameloft has recently revealed the updated 2023 content roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley including the upcoming update 5.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Updated 2023 Roadmap Revealed

Previously, Disney Dreamlight Valley introduced The Lion King Realm, celebrated Disney’s 100th Anniversary and introduced new Disney Perks to unlock. This is only the first half of 2023 and now the upcoming second half is coming bringing in more content for fans to enjoy. The roadmap for 2023 has now been updated and reveals what to expect in the second half of this year.

Update 5 Adds New Furniture and More

Based on the updated 2023 roadmap image posted on the official website, update 5 will be released in early June 2023 and it will be called The Remembering. Players will expect new decorations coming with the Touch of Magic Furniture, mannequins, and more. The post does not explain further what to expect, but new content to enjoy is coming soon.

Summer Update Reveals Hip New Princess

The next will be the Summer Update which will finally introduce another villager joining. Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph is confirmed to join the cast soon. This will also introduce a new mysterious feature and an event that lets players win in-game prizes. No specifics yet.

A Beauty Joins in September

The September update will open up a new realm and the hint is supposedly the new villager Belle from Beauty and the Beast. There are also new friends to expect with other surprises.

A New Chapter Unfolds

By late 2023, a new chapter will be added with new characters, new Frontiers, new Royal Tool, and other magical surprises. The highlight of this upcoming update is finally the introduction of Multiplayer.

Sneak Peeks Abound

Gameloft is not sharing more information about this updated roadmap, but the details revealed are plenty. The team will be revealing more secrets when the time comes so the fans will have to wait with bated breath. They are also planning to release sneak peeks so stay tuned.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.