Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals New Way to Earn Free Moonstones

The first of many free Moonstones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley update

New update details of Disney Dreamlight Valley have been revealed with a brand new method of earning free Moonstones.

Earn Free Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones with this Method

The official Twitter account of Disney Dreamlight Valley has recently revealed that there is a new way to earn free Moonstones more efficiently. The account says that there will be a new update titled DreamSnaps that will be coming to the game soon. This will be the players’ ticket to getting those free Moonstones.

To get Moonstones, players only need to submit a photo in weekly challenges and then vote on their favorites. After that, players will win items in-game and also free Moonstones as a result. Easier and saves a lot of money.

Price to Pay for Early Microtransactions

Adding microtransactions to the game before its full release was a bad move and now the game developers are paying for it. They are now looking for ways to let their consumers enjoy the game and earn premium currency via other means. More methods may be introduced at a later time, but for now, submitting photos would be the better option.

Another reason for introducing this new way of obtaining Moonstones is due to the backlash the developers had for putting new content behind a paywall. The first Dream Bundle called the Dapper Wall-E Dream Bundle costs 4,000 Moonstones, which costs $15, more or less. Players did not like this idea and wanted to get that new content for free via grinding or other means. This is one of the methods they have thought of.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.