Disney Dreamlight Valley: What’s Left Behind Quest Guide

This guide goes through the main quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, "What’s Left Behind," detailing every step to complete all objectives.

What's Left Behind Quest Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

What’s Left Behind will be the fifth quest that players will have to complete as part of The Fairy Godmother’s story questline, which was added along with The Remembering Update in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The quest will take place in Dreamscape, and you’ll finally confront and talk to The Forgotten as you try to return the Orb of Remembrance to its rightful place.

The objectives are pretty straightforward, and what choice you make in the dialogue doesn’t really affect the main story. Read ahead for a full walkthrough of What’s Left Behind in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Start the What’s Left Behind Quest

What’s Left Behind will automatically start once you complete the Forgotten Memories: Nurturing Quest. After collecting all of the Forgotten’s Memory Fragments, you’ll have another conversation with The Fairy Godmother, and she will then ask you to return the Orb of Remembrance to the Forgotten Lands.

What’s Left Behind Quest Walkthrough

The “What’s Left Behind” quest has the following list of objectives:

  • Grab the Orb of Remembrance.
  • Talk to the Forgotten.
  • Leave Dreamscape.
  • Tell the Fairy Godmother what’s happened.

Pick up the Orb of Remembrance in the middle of the platform. If you do this, a scene will play out in which the Forgotten invade Dreamscape through a dark portal and steal the Orb.

Disney Dreamlight Valley What's left behind quest walkthrough 1

You’ll eventually have to confront the Forgotten and engage in a conversation. The Forgotten will claim that their preparations are almost complete, and The Orb of Remembrance is the last missing piece needed to fuel up the spell to rip open the walls between Dreamlight Valley and the real world.

After you learn the real story, a new cutscene will begin in which Dark Portal Tears appear all across Dreamlight Valley, and you will be sent back to the Forgotten Lands.

Disney Dreamlight Valley What's left behind quest walkthrough 2

Once you’re back in the valley, head back to The Fairy Godmother and tell her what happened. She’ll be waiting for you near the Pillar of the Forgotten Lands. She will then explain that you will soon be forced to travel to the dark side of Dreamlight Valley in order to face the Forgotten once more. For the time being, continue what you’ve always done as usual.

After the conversation with the Fairy Godmother, you’ll be able to complete the “What’s Left Behind” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.