Disney Speedstorm Season 4 The Cave of Wonders Now Available

New racers, new racetrack, and more!

Gameloft has recently announced that Disney Speedstorm Season 4 The Cave of Wonders is now available.

Disney Speedstorm Season 4 “The Cave of Wonders” inspired by Disney’s Aladdin is out now. New content has been added plus additional improvements to the most recent Community Pit Stop.

Disney Speedstorm Season 4 New Aladdin-Inspired Racers

Season 4 adds four new Aladdin-inspired racers which are Aladdin, the Genie, Jasmine, and Jafar. Aladdin is a Trickster Class Racer, while the Genie, Jasmine, and Jafar are Defender, Speedster, and Brawler Class Racers.

  • Aladdin will be unlockable for free via the Season Tour. 
  • Genie will be unlockable via the premium tier of the Golden Pass
  • Jasmine will be unlockable via the free tier of the Golden Pass.
  • Jafar will be unlockable for free via a season-long Time Limited Event.

Agrabah is the newest thrilling racetrack to race on.

Mid-Season Racers

The new Racers coming to the game are the villains of various cartoon movies, which are Hades and Gaston. They will be available during dedicated Time Limited Events. Hades is a Trickster Class Racer while Gaston is a Brawler Class Racer.

Hades’s Unique Skill is called “Lord of the Underworld”  

Normal Activation: Hades activates a cool mood for a short period of time. He refills nitro fuel when overtaking an opponent while the Skill is active.

Charged Activation: Hades activates an angry mood for a short period of time. He spawns a large fire explosion if being overtaken while the Skill is active.

Gaston’s Unique Skilled is called “Trophy Hunting”  

Passive Activation (works for both Normal and Charged Activations)
Gaston uses his hunting skills to hunt opponents. For each opponent stunned with his Charged or Uncharged Unique Skill, Gaston collects one trophy, activates a speed boost, and instantly recharges the Skill. The more trophies Gaston has the stronger the boost he activates will be.

Normal Activation: Gaston uses his bow to stun opponents in front at a long range. Right after the Skill is activated Gaston gets a speed boost.

Charged Activation: Gaston activates the boxing stance, stunning the next opponent he collides with within a short interval.

Check out how to unlock these new racers here.