Disney Was Involved In The Removal Of Battlefront II’s Microtransaction; Star Wars Exclusivity Is Threatened

Yesterday morning, when the official Twitter of EA Star Wars tweeted that they have disabled microtransactions, it was all for the better – however, that is until DICE and their publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), have balanced and tweaked the microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II.

With the sudden change, and after the Reddit fiasco and their AMA, it seems that this was not because of the publisher seeking to change the community’s view on Star Wars Batttlefront II but more of an executive order from the House of Mouse – Disney.

According to major sources like VentureBeat and WSJ (The Wall Street Journal), Disney’s Consumer Products and Interactive Media, Jimmy Pitaro, phoned EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, about the heated backlash of Star Wars Battlefront II’s microtransactions. In the phone call, Pitaro demanded to Wilson that they will have to disable and improve the microtransaction and loot crate systems to rectify the current concerns of the community. It has also mentioned that Disney was “unhappy” of how slow EA took action and also of the bad press the game is getting which could potentially harm EA’s exclusivity rights of the Star Wars IP, especially that Star Wars The Last Jedi is coming in closer.

As of now, there might be an official statement from Disney soon and when that happens we will make sure that the story is updated.

Star Wars Battlefront II is already available. You can also read our review here.