Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Dev Said They Want To Focus On the Game’s Fighting “Quality”, No Story Mode

Dissidia Final Fantasy is primarily a fighting game added with RPG elements to retain its “Final Fantasy” core. The PSP title, including Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, offered a story mode that fitted well for Sony’s portable console. However, it seems that the masterminds behind the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be leaving out the RPG-like story mode.

According to the game’s director Takeo Kujiraoka and producer Ichiro Hazama in an interview with Glixel posted on the Rolling Stones’ website, they want to focus on the quality of the game’s fighting gameplay and mechanics and that adding a story mode can strain their resources.

“Unlike the PSP version, we decided not to include an RPG-like story mode where you’re going on a journey. Creating a mode like that to the standards of Final Fantasy and the PS4 would have really strained our resources. We wanted to focus more on the quality of the fighting itself, as that’s the core of Dissidia. There is a story in the game that’s told through cutscenes, but the structure doesn’t really exist in the same way it did in the PSP original.”

Even if they left out the story mode in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the stories will be told through cutscenes according to both Takeo and Ichiro. With the high expectations of the franchise’s fans, the studio is not ready to divulge their resources on making its story mode as that’s not the core of Dissidia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will launch on the PS4 in early 2018.

Source: Rolling Stones