Dragon Ball FighterZ – Hands-On Preview | ESGS 2017

Among the many anime games out there, Dragon Ball games are probably the most abundant of them all. And why wouldn’t it? It’s fun, timeless, and epic!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is made by Arc System Works, the developers of the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series, and if anybody knows how to make anime-like fighting games it’s them. Playing FighterZ is quite a joy, it is fun, it is explosive, and it is actually efficient for a fighting game. I’ve played a lot of fighting games before but Dragon Ball FighterZ is something special, it feels unlike any other fighting game out there and to me it is the most anime looking Dragon Ball game that currently exists, if not the most anime game out there.

The combat is incredibly fluid and even more so than Injustice 2 which is incredibly fluid in terms of combat. I can really feel that each button that you press actually lets you do something that can tick down the life of your enemies. I later found out that there is a setting wherein pressing the square button lets you do an automatic combo sequence which makes the game very friendly for those who are still new to fighting games or at least new to the FighterZ it’s some from the elf.

There were only a few characters that we had the luxury of picking but the roster is still expanding so we can’t wait to see the finished product and maybe we’ll even get to see some from different universes. Dragon Ball FighterZ has so much potential and based on the demo alone, we’re looking at probably the greatest Dragon Ball game ever made. Stay tune for any more information we might be able to secure about the game especially if we are able to review it when or even before it releases in the future.