Dragon’s Dogma 2 First Trailer Released

The Arisen rises up again!

CAPCOM has now revealed the first Dragon’s Dogma 2 first trailer.

The trailer showcases various characters that will be introduced in the game. For the first time, beast-like characters called beastren got added. There are a lot of new faces that were not shown in the first game. It also shows a lot of gameplay featuring battling some fantasy creatures they come across.

The Dragon, a major character in the game, was shown and still has the nasty habit of eating hearts.  Players will be the Arisen who take on a journey to retrieve their hearts. They also hire Pawns that will help them out during battles and journeys just like in the original game.

The beastren is the new beast-like race that seems to flourish in this new world. Some of the major characters shown in the trailer are from the beastren.

Aside from the gameplay, CAPCOM has still not shared the game’s release window.