DualSense Controller Reported to have 50% More Battery Life Compared to DualShock 4

DualSense Controller

A new report suggests that the upcoming new DualSense controller for the next-gen console PlayStation 5 will have a longer battery life.

PlayStation 5

Several images posted on the personal Twitter account of @Galaxyrain666 showed the new controller and the account holder stated that he has made some tests on it. He revealed that its battery capacity is 1560 mAh, 50 percent higher than the original DualShock 4, which had 800 mAh. The later models had better battery capacity, which are now 1000 mAh. He actually works for a company that designs and provides accessories for consoles.

@Galaxyrain666 also shared his experience with the haptic feedback, the new triggers, and the buttons. He revealed that the buttons are “more pleasant to press” and there are no lights on any of it. His comment on the haptic feedback is “magical” and the mechanical structures inside the triggers seem very complex. When asked if he could make a video, he denied filming one maybe due to Sony Interactive Entertainment deal with their company.

The PlayStation 5 is planned to launch this coming holiday season.

Source: ResetEra

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