DualSense Works on PS3 and Nintendo Switch but Not on PS4

In a recent collection of videos that tested the new PlayStation 5 controller DualSense, it was revealed that it would work surprising on two consoles, but not on a current one.

DualSense Controller

VGC recently compiled some videos that tested the DualSense and it showed some very interesting results. In one video, it showed that when the DualSense was connected to the PS4 console via wireless connection, it would only say a “Wireless Controller” and nothing else. When selected, its input buttons would not work at all. There is a workaround but it would take a long process to do. It needs to be connected via Remote Play on a laptop with a wire.

In a surprising result, the video showed that it could be used on the PlayStation 3 via wired connection. All inputs would be working without issues. Pretty weird huh?

Also in another post on Twitter by BrokenGamezHDR, it was revealed that the DualSense controller can be used on the Nintendo Switch via the 8bitdo adapter. It does not work directly on the console, but it needs a third-party device, kind of like the PS4 remote play process.

To note, only the basic inputs will work with the older consoles. Haptic feedback and the triggers will not work properly and will only do with the PS5 games.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 in the US, Japan and a few select countries. The rest of the world will get it on November 19. The pack will come with a DualSense controller.

Source: VGC