E3 2017: Death Stranding will not be at this year’s E3 – Confirmed

It seems that a lot of fans will be expecting Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, latest new IP, Death Stranding, at this year’s E3 — unfortunately, it will not happen.

According to the Hideo’s Twitter, they are “fully focused” on the game’s development which is why Death Stranding will not be at E3.

However, he might be pertaining to “hands-on” demos of the game itself and that new trailers (or gameplay trailers) will likely be shown instead.

Death Stranding is confirmed to be an open-world title and is going to fully utilize Guerrilla Games’ Decima game-engine which was used in Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game will also be an exclusive PS4 title and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.