E3 2017: Ubisoft drops another South Park game

Ubisoft is about to drop another South Park franchise and since we’ve all seen the gameplay from E3 2016 let’s do a quick recap. This new franchise is going to be a lot similar with the Stick of Truth in terms of gameplay, audiovisuals and mechanics but the twist here is on how the story is gonna end because instead of ending up as the King (In Stick of Truth) you actually end up as the douchebag in this new franchise.

Now basically, the Fractured But Whole is going to be more of a spiritual game as you are going to be playing as a superhero and just like any superhero movie, there’s going to be a lot of character defining as the game progresses. Since the game is based from the episode Coon and Friends we’re gonna be expecting a whole lot of game fighting improvements here compared to the Stick of Truth.

Space and Time, the 2 major improvements in the game, let’s talk about space first, instead of restricting your character to face his enemies upfront, you can now attack them from behind, use covers and props to defend yourself and deal extra damage. In Stick of Truth, the Fart power was legendary but now your Fart power is going to be so powerful that you can actually rip the fabric of time itself.

Not only are we seeing game fighting improvements here but more of Cartman’s overly dramatical takeover stories on the main character’s backstory and how this huge civil war began. We are also going to be expecting a bunch of new characters from the show which are going to be included in the game. We all loved the Stick of Truth and I from the looks of it, I think we’re going to love this new game even more. The game’s official release date is on October 17 available for PC, PS4 & Xbox.