Egg, Inc. – Review

How would you like to grow chickens and manage an egg farm – on your phone? Egg, Inc. is an idle clicker game where you get to tap out for chickens, wait for them to lay eggs, and then sell them out for profit. Your farm will start out as a fairly humble one and can grow to a mentally immense egg factory, all because of selling eggs. It can be a fun and eggciting (sorry) game, especially for idle game enthusiasts.

Platform Reviewed: Android
Platforms Available: Android, iOS
Publisher: Auxbrain, Inc.
Developer: Auxbrain, Inc.
Release Date: July 2016
MSRP: Free (with in-game purchases)
This review is based off the copy acquired by the reviewer.

As with any other idle clicker game, playing Egg, Inc. requires you to tap as much as you can to produce chickens, which in turn produces the eggs. Everything from hatching, preparing, and selling the eggs are done automatically. You earn “bocks” from every egg you sell, and the more chickens you have inside your coops, the more eggs you get by the second, earning you more bocks.

There are limitations in production such as the number of chickens you can hatch at a time, the coop capacity, the truck capacity used to ship out eggs from your farm, and the amount of progress you can get while you are out of the game. That’s where researching and upgrading comes into play. The bocks earned can be used to research new advancements such as increased egg production, higher egg value, faster hatching rate, etc. You can also expand and create more coops and hire more trucks to accommodate your growing farm.

Once your farm reaches a certain amount of value, you can sell it and start working on another egg farm producing another kind of egg with a higher value. You start off with the regular, store-bought eggs you enjoy eating at breakfast, but you can eventually produce eggs that have medical properties, eggs that can serve as rocket fuel, and eggs that can bend space and time – it’s crazy. There will come a point when reaching a certain farm value can take days and tapping is gonna be eggshausting, it just won’t do anymore. The game has a prestige function that lets you start from scratch but will also give you “soul eggs” that give you a certain amount of income boost, plus you get to retain the golden eggs, the premium currency, that you gained throughout your runs.

For an idle game, Egg, Inc. tends to be just a few notches above the “ok” mark on the scale. The simple and small game map is not too distracting and looking at chickens scurry across your farm is a cute and nice touch, although having too much chickens at one time can cause the game to lag. By playing through the different eggs for the first time, you will be handed news articles that show how your eggs actually do a great deal of help to mankind’s progression; basically a nice added flair by telling a fun subtle story in the background.

The increments for progressing through the game can be harsh in later stages, but nothing a veteran idler cannot do; going through a prestige on a regular basis is the key. There’s also the feature that for every single upgrade and research you make, a gold egg will be saved in a piggy bank and you can break this piggy bank by doing a small amount of in-app purchase. If you have a hefty amount saved and you don’t mind spending for the boost, then there’s that option readily available. There’s also drone hunting where you tap drones out of the sky and possibly earn a minimal to a hefty amount of bocks and golden eggs and it serves as a mini-game and a good way to keep your eyes engaged on the screen.

It is inevitable that a number of Egg, Inc. players will find it too repetitive and will eventually stop playing, especially in the later parts of the game. It’s true that it will get boring and tedious, but for those who would like to follow the story of how the egg will change mankind or for those who just like the exponential growth of number or those that just love chickens, then Egg, Inc. is a good game and is a keeper.



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