Elden Ring Now Biggest New IP Launch in Europe Since The Division Release in 2016

Congratulations, Elden Ring!

In a new report, it was revealed that FromSoftware’s new video game Elden Ring has now achieved the biggest new IP launch in Europe and has broken the previous record.

The report came from media outlet GamesIndustry.biz saying Elden Ring is now the biggest new IP launch in Europe since the release of The Division way back in 2016. It has overtaken the previous record so much with big sales from several platforms. It also the biggest game launch in Europe since Call of Duty Vanguard was released there in November 2021.

According to the report, the sales are as follows: PC had 44 percent of sales, PS5 had 27 percent of sales, Xbox sales had 16 percent of sales, and PS4 had 13 percent.

Elden Ring was the number 1 games in most major territories in Europe last February 2022 with the exception of Germany though as Pokemon Legends Arceus took the first place seat there. Following closely to the ranking is the game that launched a bit earlier that month, Horizon Forbidden West at second place. It gained the biggest PS5 launch though outside the Call of Duty franchise. 59 percent of its sales came from PS5 with the rest on PS4.