Elemental Roll Kickstarter Campaign Launches This Week

Physics Based Roller Game in a Semi-Open World

Independent developer SaltButter Games have announced the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign to fund their speed and physics platformer Elemental Roll on PC (via Steam) starting on April 16th, 2022.

Elemental Roll is the first speed & physics based semi-open world game full of nostalgia. A love child between Super Monkey Ball and Super Mario 3D.

About Elemental Roll

The main goal in the game is to help Byle, the former King of Hell, reclaim his kingdom. Along the way, clear the human world of its corruption and discover new powers brought by familiar faces! Gather runes and use them to recover some of Byle’s lost capacities.

Elemental Roll - Trailer capture


  • Unique gameplay based on physics: Build your speed without limit
  • Original universe: Fulfill your lifelong dream of knowing what the Toy Story characters felt rolling around a world much larger than you. Explore semi-open worlds
  • Get rid of the Corruption: Remove the obstacles that prevent you from gaining speed and really speed through the world
  • You set the pace: Elemental Roll will not have any “story blocker” in the game, if you have the skills, you can finish the game the way you want
  • Get faster, stronger: Collect power-ups and gain better control over your powers

Source: Press Release